Underrated Electronic Music Tracks (The Case of Club Quarantine)

Some songs / tracks are amazing, but deserve much^more views. It’s really surprising… and meanwhile it’s a bit what we are seeking sometimes: some hidden gems ;) I am a huge fan of listening to DJ sets and then identifying “killer” tracks. The amazing https://www.1001tracklists.com/ has democratized the sharing of tracklist to a next level. Some IDs remain IDs forever… but not all fortunately.

As part of the celebration of Club Quarantine (CQ) 2 year anniversary (with Dave Dresden, Josh Gabriel, Sub Teal, and many amazing guests) https://www.twitch.tv/gabrielanddresden I’ve compiled a small set of such underrated tracks:

  • Apollon Telefax - People Is Product (Theus Mago Remix) https://soundcloud.com/calypsorecs/apollon-telefax-people-is-product-theus-mago-remix 118 likes, 3K listening on soundcloud… Sub Teal played it a number of times in CQ and she’s right!
  • Jonas Saalbach & Yuven - Providence http://youtu.be/KR7h0G6Oj10 Jonas Saalbach is quite well-known but this specific track has less than 2K listening on Youtube… seriously?
  • Mulya - Brick Talks https://youtu.be/GnHHm4htjAs 3K views on Youtube, come on!
  • Soul Button - Meridian (Alex Rusin Remix) https://youtu.be/VuULmEDB2Dc 3K views on Youtube
  • Automatic feat. Peaches (Rex The Dog Vocal Remix) https://youtu.be/fFD04aex4zE this one is getting better with almost 10K views on Youtube… it was played in the CQ 1 year anniversary.

I’ve mainly focused on CQ with Sub Teal and Josh Gabriel. But I could well share some tracks of Dave Dresden or other artists. Overall, I found the number of likes in Youtube or soundcloud to be ridiculously low. Maybe the metrics are wrong and eg Spotify gives better audience. Of course I was not expecting millions of views for such tracks, but still ;)

Please share underrated gems!

Written on March 21, 2022
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