Jupyter and Markdown

You can write Markdown as part of Jupyter notebooks. The basic idea is to use a special “Cell Type”. An important feature I struggle to activate is the ability to call a (Python) variable inside Markdown.

Something like

maxv = 1.2 # after a long computation in Python says

then you want to write Markdown that refers to maxv (a Python variable)

The maximum value found is {{maxv}} and suggests that blabla

It should be rendered as

The maximum value found is 1.2 and suggests that blabla

After some tries and errors with pip3, jupyter, etc. as well as some cryptic messages (compatibility issues, validation that does not match, etc.) I succeed to activate it with:

jupyter nbextension enable python-markdown/main

(the “main” is important and actually refers to main.js, see below)

ls /Users/macher1/Library/Jupyter/nbextensions/python-markdown/
main.css			python-markdown-post.png	python-markdown.png		readme.md		 untrusted.png
main.js															 python-markdown-pre.png  python-markdown.yaml  trusted.png
Written on January 26, 2019
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